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Dr Muzammal Hussain: “Environmental Perspectives: Islam and Ecologism”

‘The current state of the world is such that not only is there a need for us to reflect deeply on our relationship with the environment, but there is also … Continue reading

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What on Earth are we eating? And why are we eating it?

Watch this video to see what the marketing industry is trying to hide from you.

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Giovanni Galluzzo: “Why Materialism Doesn’t Cut It: Muslims and Permaculture Design”

The Stage is Set Humanity has collectively submitted to the idea that the highest aims are material wealth and technological advancement.

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Bees & Honey

Why we need bees and the benefits of what they produce: For more information and infographs on bees visit Taborotimes.

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Three People, 6 Weeks & $9000

Steve Areen along with his two friends made this beautiful home with only $9000. It took a shocking 6 weeks to complete! For more pictures and images visit Steve Areen’s … Continue reading

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How to Become Independent from the Capitalist Economy

Slowly but surely, the Muslim community amongst many others are waking up to the economic injustices that forms the foundation of capitalism. With artificial inflation used by the powerful to … Continue reading

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Empowered Sustenance: ‘Balance Hormones with a Raw Carrot a Day!’

Raw carrots contain a unique fiber that absorbs excess estrogen and helps sweep it out of the body. Why is this so important? Our western society faces rampant estrogen dominance … Continue reading

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Make your own natural body wash

From the recent downpour in London it’s safe to say that the weather will not be perking up any time soon. If you’re skin is dry from the ice cold … Continue reading

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