The Strange Two

glad tidings to the strangers

Blind Followers

Truth does not come in the form of a person, for that would lead to blind acceptance and following of orders. Instead it comes in the form of belief.

The Prophet (PBUH) despite his status had his words frequently questioned. He was not at all outraged that the average Muslim would question a prophet; instead he admired their curiosity and refusal to heedlessly conform to authority.

Unfortunately, Muslims today are more concerned with ardently carrying out orders dictated by their local Imam, Sheikh or even Muslim politician (eg: Saudi ‘King’). They have lost the ability to think for themselves or even question the way society works, thus abandoning the freedom that Allah has given them.

Muslims now view truth to come in the form of a self-appointed few, who are too preoccupied with their own interests that they have no intention of guiding the Ummah to the truth of Allah’s divine order. When Muslims realise that the truth can only come from sincere belief in Allah’s words, maybe then, they will let go of this dangerous dependence on mere mortals. When Muslims realise that an even higher truth comes from acting upon Allah’s words, then they will see that all along the truth had been revealed in a book that they have neglected for too long and that there was no need to grovel at the feet of those who did them a great injustice.

~The Strange Two


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