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Segregationism: from America to Israel

‘New bus lines connecting the West Bank with Israel have sparked controversy. Despite claims they are regular lines, Israeli media believe they were set up specifically for Palestinians, in order to segregate them from Jewish settlers.’

It took years for racism and segregationist policies to be removed from American politics and legal system. Nonetheless, the Black community succeeded.

The Palestinians have been struggling for decades but with propaganda and geographical restrictions placed by Israel it is difficult for them to have their voices heard. Due to Israel’s domineering nature, the Palestinians alone cannot succeed and much like combating racism, ending occupation in the Palestinian region will take a global effort.

But it can be done, the end of the South African apartheid is an example of this and so is the Afro-American struggle during the civil rights movement.

Standing up to Israel isn’t difficult but getting people to see a cause worth standing up for is. Israel knows this and that is why they have done everything in their power to vilify and silence the Palestinians.

Freedom Riders activists on Israeli-only bus (2011).

Freedom Riders activists on Israeli-only bus (2011).

‘Leaflets in Arabic have lately been spread around the West Bank Palestinian villages, calling on their inhabitants to use the new bus lines, which will go from Eyal crossing near the city of Qalqilya to Israel, Ynetnews reported.

The official reason for introducing new bus lines is that the existing “mixed” ones are overcrowded and conflict-prone. Around 30,000 Palestinians work in Israel and have to travel there every day.

Plans to put them on separate bus lines were first announced in November 2012, following several episodes of police taking Palestinian laborers off buses from Tel Aviv to the West Bank. The police acted on complaints from Jewish settlers, who claimed that Palestinians posed a security threat by riding the same buses as them.’

For the rest of the article click here.


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