The Strange Two

glad tidings to the strangers

Israel and USA in unholy matrimony

Our favourite allied pair is back in the headlines with calls for officialising their ties through a US bill. This unholy matrimony comes in the midst of a possible war with Iran.

It would provide the US with a strategic ally in the Middle East and help bolster Israel with further military and research help. No doubt such a move will further aid the occupation of Palestine, providing Israel with more assistance in increasing its dominance over the Palestinians in much more creatively vile ways.

If Iranian civilians are suffering from sanctions cutting into their healthcare, then they really should not look to the future for any improvements. In the months to come there will probably be morbid war scenes reported by the alternative media, a definite success in the eyes of the dastardly allies.

Israel’s claims of Iran being a threat to national security only weakens as events unfold in the run up to war. Should the bill pass for this lawfully wedded grief, the world has bigger threats to peace and security than Iran or any other targeted states by the duo.



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