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Muslim parents close the gates to heaven

Israel loves to show off its military might but I don’t think even they like the idea of having the child abuse cat out the bag. The IDF bullies are in the spotlight with more horrendous acts. Now they turn their attention on minors they’ve been collecting in their little Israeli cages.

This sadistic lot have resorted to abhorrent means of interrogating children. Reports show children have been threatened with physical abuse, murder, and sexual abuse, against them and their family. Such a crime goes beyond the usual debate of weather forced confessions are reliable to that of systematic child abuse within the military institute.

The Israeli military do not shy away from such scandals. Instead soldiers have been found to post images of themselves abusing Palestinians on Instagram. What’s worse than seeing soldiers pointing guns towards children is the barrage of daily pictures put up by young Muslims in their trendiest outfits and the many more text based pictures with messages such as ‘Just make dua’.

But can we really fault our youth when Muslim adults cannot teach Islam to save their lives?

Every day there is a lecture or sermon somewhere teaching the Ummah how to do wudu and how to pronounce Yasin (which by the way nobody knows the meaning of). Our youth are taught that being a good Muslim is thinking about oneself, that if you want to help anyone then you make dua but perfect yourself first.

So whilst young Israeli adults are killing Palestinians (something unfortunately, they believe to be right), our youth are taught to lead selfish lives. They are taught that if they pray five times a day, they will enter heaven. They are taught that physically assisting the Ummah will come in the way of them being good Muslims and thus they should only ever make dua.

Muslim adults have failed the youth of the Ummah. We have made it perfectly normal for Israeli children to want to grow up to hurt Palestinian children. What’s even worse is that we have allowed Muslim children all over the world to think it is perfectly justified in Islam to not give a damn about their brothers and sisters. Not only have we destroyed the innocence within our children but we have also hugely limited their chance of growing up to be real good Muslims and thus have made it difficult for them to even see the gates of heaven.



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