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The Autobiography of Malcolm X – Book Review

Unlike other book reviews this isn’t quite a book review but more an insight to Malcolm’s life and what we can take from it. As you read the book, you realise the experience is more like you conversing with Malcolm himself. You see yourself growing fond of a man you have never met and by the last page you are a grieving friend. m-The_Autobiography_of_Malcolm_X

Malcolm’s passion for the Black community’s rights, thirst for knowledge and confidence in his words and beliefs will leave you wondering whether you have these traits and if not, why? After witnessing how every moment of his life was dedicated to helping millions of African Americans gain their rights and more importantly self-respect you see how a human should live.

In this current climate of hostility and discontent felt amongst people wherever you go, you begin to see what is lacking. Malcolm’s need to help his fellow brothers and sisters with such zeal is something that is scarcely seen in society. To be honest, caring for people outside one’s bubble is rarely seen and instead we have all reverted back to our capitalist ways to even see the suffering others face.

His massive transition from full-time delinquency to becoming a well-articulated leader, demonstrates how we all have the power to turn our lives around and achieve Excellency in any chosen field. Provided we put in the necessary work and are committed, of course. It also brings hope that society does have the ability to change its ways but ultimately, for this hope to be a reality the onus lies on the individual.


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