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Islam: a short history – Karen Armstrong

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the history of Islam, from its birth to the present day.


Karen Armstrong takes you on a thoroughly captivating journey. The book doesn’t bombard you with endless dates and keeps to a concise story format, ensuring a leisurely yet informative read.


It provides readers with an insight into many of the conflicts in the Middle East and explains the American, British and French roles in these conflicts. Though the region may now be rife with poverty and political corruption, it once was at the forefront of civilisation. At its peak Islam inspired Muslims to set up welfare systems, institutions of education and a just social order where people of all creeds not only lived side by side in peace, but flourished together to contribute tremendously to modern civilisation.


This brief history of Islam is an excellent starting point for those wishing to gain knowledge on the religion of Islam and also understand the roots of the current day conflicts that plague the Muslim world. Bound to shatter common misconceptions and revive a lost history, this book is definitely worth a read.


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