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Salah with no meaning

There is no point in you praying if you do not know what you are saying. You will have little connection with God during your prayer and it would be disrespectful to God to not even know what you are saying to Him.


You should know what you are saying and doing during salah. This way you know what the Arabic words mean but also so that you can act upon the Quranic ayats you recite. This will help you worship Allah more than just five times a day. You can be a full-time Muslim, rather than a part-time one.

So brothers and sisters we urge you to look into the meanings of the surats you recite and the purpose behind the actions of salah. We also urge you to live by the ayats you recite as salah alone will not lead you to heaven when the rest of your time is spent living without Islamic morals and teachings.


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