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Why did the Attack in Woolwich Happen?

Over 300 Muslim organisations have spoken out in condemnation of the brutal murder of off-duty soldier Lee Rigby by two thugs claiming to be Muslim. The Strange Two would like to join these organisations in fully and unreservedly condemning the barbaric and violent attack that has shocked the nation.

However, what disturbs us is the failure of these very organisations to condemn the grotesquely hypocritical and vicious foreign policy of the UK that has seen it partake in an illegal “war on terror” claiming the lives of over a million innocent men, women and children. Or is the murder of over a million innocent Muslims not worth condemning?

During the last few days, Muslim organisations have had an excellent opportunity to speak out against the foreign policy of the UK, labelling it as the prime root cause of “extreme” views and terrorist activities. But instead, they came, condemned and left. Why are Muslim organisations afraid of telling the truth about the real cause of these attacks? Surely they do not think they are in any way justifying the attacks by explaining the cause?

It is clear that the real cause of homegrown terrorists stems from the illegal war that has been waged on Muslim lands. Prior to the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, how many terrorist attacks perpetrated by Muslims occurred on British soil?

The grotesquely hypocritical and imperialistic foreign policy of the UK has seen it invade, occupy and bomb multiple Muslim lands, killing over A MILLION innocent men, women and children. Girls as young as 9 have been raped to death, men have been imprisoned for over 11 years without trial, babies have lost their lives and mothers have lost their babies. And for what? Nothing but lies. Lies about WMDs, lies about imminent terrorist attacks, lies about leaders that were propped up and placed in power by the British.

So, how do we prevent another barbaric attack from taking place in the UK again? Stop invading Muslim lands for their natural resources on the false pretence of spreading “democracy” while simultaneously murdering millions of innocent people.


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