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Know what you believe in

The niqab (aka veil) is used by some Muslim women to cover part or all of their face.

There are numerous reasons for wearing it. I initially wore it to be more modest. But at 18 I was quite naive and wasn’t exposed to many different views on Islam and nor was I able to form my own opinions.

Now, I wear it because I believe society places too much emphasis on the physical appearance on individuals. I believe women, in particular have to face constant pressure to look ‘beautiful’ and of course this ‘beautiful’ is controlled and changed by the whims of those in the fashion industry. Am I against women wanting to look presentable? No, but I believe individuals should be free to choose what ‘presentable’ means and current society does not allow that. In fact it deplores women who do not follow trends or shed weight.

Surprisingly, the niqab did so much more for me. It’s given me the confidence I needed to go out and become my own self. It was a big step out of my comfort zone and this prepared me to take the more risks in my life. It has also taught me to spend more time on the important things in life (eg. Education) rather than trivial things that are often short-lived (eg. Looks).

Do I think it makes me more modest than those who choose not to wear it? No.

Do I think it’s compulsory? No.

Do I think there are countless benefits in wearing it? Yes.

I thank Allah so much for bringing it in my life and helping me make the leap to wear it. Through it He has changed my life for the better. It took A LOT of getting used to but it most definitely was worth it. Who would have thought that a bit of cloth on my face will have me re-evaluating everything and strengthen me as a person?

There are countless benefits in wearing the niqab, I only covered a few. I must say that I haven’t written this to sell the idea of wearing a veil. Rather I have written this to show you that it is always important to put meaning in your actions and know why you do things especially if you believe them to be part of your faith. Without having the right intentions in your actions and not truly knowing why you do them you won’t have sincere love for that deed. Nor will you feel comfortable being who you are because you don’t know what you believe in and therefore, don’t know who you are.


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