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Turmeric & Almond Oil soap and Coconut Oil & Camomile flower soap

The Strange Two have decided to make our soap as the regular shop-bought soaps aren’t great for our skin. The soap we have made is free from SLS, SLES and Paraben, all of which are harmful for our skin. Using organic and pure natural ingredients is the best although it may mean having to shop around for them. Thanks to the internet it’s not time consuming at all!


My batch of soap lather up really well, better than some of the shop bought soaps but this does depend on the quality of the Glycerine soap base you use.

The ingredient list below made 6 bars of soap but this will vary depending on how much soap content the mold can make and also on how big you want your soap bars to be. My soap bars were roughly 4cm x 7cm x 2cm.

I used clear Glycerine as I felt they look nicer with the ingredients I’m using but it is completely up to you whether you use transparent of opaque Glycerine. As I haven’t used transparent Glycerine I don’t know what the end product will look like. The pictures on this blog piece only show you the end product using Clear Glycerine.

Ingredients & equipment


–          250g Clear Glycerine (SLS, SLES & Paraben free glycerine can be bought here)

–          Vaseline

–          Silicon molding tray

–          Microwaveable jug

–          Knife

Turmeric and Almond Oil soap

–          ½ teaspoon of Pure Almond Oil

–          ½ a teaspoon of Organic Turmeric Powder

Coconut Oil and Camomile flower soap

–          ½ a teaspoon of Coconut Oil

–          ½ a handful of Dried Camomile flowers

Turmeric and Almond Oil Soap Instructions image(1)

  1. Prepare the mold tray by lining it with Vaseline. This just helps to pop the soap out without damaging it.
  2. Separate half of the 250g of Glycerine into a microwaveable jug. Cut the glycerine into small pieces roughly of the same size.
  3. Microwave the cut up soap for roughly 1-2 minutes, making sure to take the Glycerine out in 30 second intervals to stir and ensure it is being melted evenly.
  4. Once the Glycerine is melted put ½ a teaspoon of Pure Almond Oil into the soap and mix gently.
  5. Then carefully mix in ½ a teaspoon of Organic Turmeric powder. Try not to mix roughly as that will lead to bubbles in the soap. Some clumps of turmeric powder in the soap will give it a nice rustic look but be careful not to have too many.
  6. Now pour the mix into the prepared mold tray and leave to set in a cool dry place. Some bloggers have said that it takes up to 2 hours to set but with my soap I found that an hour is more than enough.

Coconut Oil and Camomile flower Soap instructions image(3)

Before making this batch make sure the jug has been cleaned thoroughly.

***Note that if you’re using opaque Glycerine you will not be able to see the flowers unless they are placed in a way that they pop out of the soap’s surfaces. Alternatively you could shred the flowers so that the petals and stalks are all over the soap.

  1. Repeat instructions 1-3 from the previous set of instructions using the remaining Glycerine soap. The soap base and mold are prepared just the same.
  2. Once the Glycerine is melted put ½ a teaspoon of Coconut Oil into the soap and mix gently. If the Coconut Oil is in a solid state like mine, don’t worry as the heat from the melted Glycerine will have it melted within seconds.
  3. Now pour the mix into the molds.
  4. Pick out Camomile flowers and place them neatly into the soap molds. You may want to push the flowers in and arrange them using a toothpick. Alternatively you can shred the flowers into the soap before pouring the mix into the molds but I preferred keeping the flowers whole.
  5. Now leave the soap to set in a cool dry place.

Go give the back of your ears a good wash and let us know how your soaps turn out!



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