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Lessons from The Story of The People of The Cave (part of Surah al-Kahf)

These are notes I wrote from watching Nouman Ali Khan’s video on The Story of The People of The Cave.

I watched the video as it’s a Sunnah to read Surah al-Kahf every Friday to protect us from Dajjal and so naturally wanted to learn more about the Surah. But Muslims of today have become lazy and assume that this protection is the task of Allah only when we have a hand in it too. Before seeking something from Allah we ourselves must make an effort towards attaining it. And so this Surah holds many important lessons for us Muslims on our attitude, behaviour and life choices. These lessons (when we are aware of them and try to live by them) are also a form of protection but are often lost because not everyone understands Arabic or reads the Quran in a language they understand. Due to this Muslims are not able to take the lessons from Al-Kahf and implement them into their lives to protect themselves.

Whilst it is a good idea to learn Arabic to get the most out of the Quran you can still get a good understanding of how to live an Islamic life from translations. These notes are from a khutbah that Nouman Ali Khan did, it includes translations as well as interpretations and I felt the lessons from it were something that we could all take away and learn from to become better Muslims through our attitude towards Islam and seeking knowledge.

I’ve embedded the video below the notes.

–          When Allah chooses to leave out certain information it is only because He wants you to focus on what He has mentioned

–          Young people should be a source of strength for one another as was the case with the young men who went to the cave

–          Be courageous when standing against an unIslamic society and trying to live by Allah’s guidance

–          As a Muslim you have to try your best to live Islamically as well as asking Allah for help. You cannot just ask things from Allah without making a concerted effort towards achieving it

–          Never lose hope in Allah’s help. He made a miracle happen for the regular Muslims of the cave so He can help us regular Muslims of today if we make a sincere effort

–          Always take the lessons from a Quranic story and don’t worry yourself over parts of a story that won’t make a difference to your Imaan. Whether there were 3 or 7 people in the cave is irrelevant but why they went to the cave and the huge leap of faith they made to do such a thing is what we should focus on

–          A lot of what is in the Quran has also been revealed to the People of the Book through their books (which has now been corrupted) and the other Prophets BUT the format the stories were retold in the Quran (be they brief) was chosen specifically to guide you. So don’t go searching for more information from other sources as they won’t help to increase your Imaan or help you in your day to day religious practices


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