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Niqab hype in the media increases attacks against Muslim women

So I went out for a walk on Thursday, just around the Whitechapel area. Due to the recent heightening of fuss and propaganda revolving the niqab in the media and political spheres, taking a walk in the sun became a not so rosy experience. So I’d like to thank a few people for ruining my day.

Thank you to the media for once again vilifying niqabi women and making us seem to be criminals simply for choosing what we wear instead of being a slave to the fashion industry.

Thank you to the ethnocentric feminists who are ‘freeing’ us from our own choices and beliefs and are forcing a White middle-class view of ‘freedom’ down our throats. And thanks to these feminists I now have males, three times my size, who walk up to me and tell me how they’re going to “fuck” me, because they just want to liberate the hell out of me.

Thank you to the patronising people who think they know what’s best for me. Who despite my claims, believe I am forced to dress the way I am and so have made it their life’s goal to ban the niqab to give me ‘freedom’ by making me wear what they want me to wear.

Thank you to all of those who claim that my male Muslim family members do not listen to what I have to say, when they are the ones who do not listen to me when I repeatedly make it clear that this is how I want to dress. That this is who I am and if they don’t like it and find it so difficult to treat me as an individual they can stop staring at my niqab and move to a country with a like-minded dictating, oppressive leadership.

I was surprised at the hostility I received whilst in a largely Muslim populated area. I worry for my sisters’ who live in a scarcely Muslim populated areas who may be surrounded by Islamophobes with no limits.


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