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‘Banking: the root cause of injustices of our time’ edited by Abdalhalim Orr & Abdassamad Clarke – Book Review

This book is amazing. I know it says Banking on the cover but it discusses usury on all levels and focuses on banking as it’s the main form of usury of this age. It really does make a good case of how the current global economic system is the root cause of injustice in the world and how everything else are just symptoms. What’s quite depressing is that we see the world only dealing with the symptoms rather than tackling the root cause as no one wants to upset the powerful.

The book is a transcript from a lecture with a few written pieces added in towards the end. It includes pieces from well learned and well experienced individuals such as Abdulhalim Orr, Dr Yasin Dutton, Aisha Bewley, Dr Zeno Dahinden, Ibrahim Lawson and many more. Had I read this book in 2010 my life would be a lot more different. As much as I loved learning at university, loved my time at there and the people I met there I still wouldn’t have gone if I truly understood how bad taking out a loan with interest is. I may now have a degree but I am financially in debt to a system which uses injustice to make money. If I didn’t go to Uni I may be short of a degree but atleast I wouldn’t now have a 10k debt, plus yearly interest swinging over my head.

The concept of usury is something that every human being should be familiar with, especially when it’s so rampant in today’s global society.



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