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‘The Ideal Muslim Society’ by Dr Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi – Book Review

This books covers more or less everything you need to know about what the ideal Muslim society looks like. Islam often gets split into two by many scholars and teachers; the spiritual and the practical. There are great teachers such as Nouman Ali Khan who help us build a solid spiritual base as a foundation. There are many great thinkers who teach us how to live Islam systematically but very few focus heavily on the joining the two together. I personally felt that Dr Al-Hashimi did this very well, as not only did he discuss how to live Islam as a whole system but also the reasoning behind the rulings were touched upon by referring to its connection to our own spirituality. So if you’re someone who has been working on their spiritual-self and feel they can now build on it by living Islam practically then this is a book for you as it will help you with the next step.

It doesn’t go into great detail on every issue but that’s to be expected or else the book will be never ending. There is widely available literature on topics he couldn’t get into detail so it really is up to you to do that further research.

You can find an extract of the book on our previous post.



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