The Strange Two

glad tidings to the strangers

‘The Messenger’ by Tariq Ramadan – Book review

This book goes over the prophet’s (pbuh) teachings, characteristics and actions and how we can implement these into our everyday lives. It really does go above and beyond the usual autobiographies of the Prophet (pbuh). It gives a very real and human portrait into the prophet’s (pbuh) life and walks you through both his painful and victorious moments. By the end of it you will feel like Muhammad (pbuh) was your best friend and you will be left feeling like you experienced his highs and lows with him. After that emotional journey you realise that you can learn so much from of his experiences and that following in his footsteps can help you in your own life.

Tariq Ramadan is one of my favourite scholars and I personally am thankful to him for writing this book. Rather than writing a book that is loaded with dates and glorifying the prophet (pbuh) to the extent that he seems unearthly and impossible to emulate, Ramadan has written a very honest and simple, yet, clearly well thought account of the Prophet’s (pbuh) moments, choices and experiences, an insight we can all benefit from.



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