The Strange Two

glad tidings to the strangers

Time for sujood

Going into sujood is not to be seen as a trivial action in Salah. When we’re on our knees with our palms and our face against the floor we are physically at the lowest point we can possibly be. When we’re in that position we say three times that “Allah is most high”.

Many will spend some time in that position asking for what they want most during times of hardship. That’s not surprising as in that position we get a physical reinforcement that Allah is the most powerful and He has power over all. But we should fall to this position during our good times too, especially during our successes.

It teaches us to be humble and to not hold pride in our actions as ultimately Allah gifted us good results to our efforts and He also blessed us with good opportunities. During our times of success we can feel on top of the world and a subconscious attitude may come about, where we feel that we can do everything by ourselves and do not need anyone’s help. But by gracefully coming to our knees, feeling the earth with our nose and forehead we make time to thank Allah as He made all the good in the world and that’s when we say to ourselves “My God did that for me” and we should smile with gratitude instead of being cocky.



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