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The Global Movement on hemp’s place in sustainable living

Many people are becoming aware of ways to live that are more harmonious with the planet. It seems that we are transitioning to a very ancient understanding of how to operate here on Earth, with a very advanced ‘know how’ of technologies and methods to begin making that transition. New ways of living are coming to light and although you may not hear about them often, communities all over the world are starting to implement them. A new sustainable housing project in the Northwest of Scotland will use industrial hemp as the main building material. It’s made of a prefabricated wall system called Hembuild, which is a mixture of the plant’s woody core and a lime-based binder. Another popular name for this is Hempcrete. This is something all of our homes should be made of. Hemp has many uses, over 50, 000 to be exact. When it comes to new and sustainable housing ideas, it seems to always be about creating a more efficient home in terms of insulation, light, electricity, etc. Mainstream belief on the subject would have you believe that top corporations and government projects are working with the best possible technology to bring forth solutions that work and that are harmonious with the environment. If that was the case, the entire planet would be using Hemp to build everything. Hemp acts to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by absorbing and trapping CO2 within the Hembuild walls. Earthquakes can’t even crack these structures because they are 3 times more resistant than regular concrete. Hemp requires no fertilizer, weed killer pesticide or fungicide to grow. The hemp seed can be harvested as a nutritious food rich in Omega-3 oil, amino acids, protein and fiber. It is considered a “super food.” The outer fibers can be used for clothes, paper and numerous everyday items.

This article was first published on 9 December 2013 on @TheGlobalMovement (Instagram).



3 comments on “The Global Movement on hemp’s place in sustainable living

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  2. cannafric
    December 31, 2013

    Wonderful to see you spreading this information to those out of the know. Keep it up!

    • thestrangetwo
      December 31, 2013

      It’s such a shame that people don’t look towards hemp, it’s a great alternative for a lot of the harmful and ineffective materials and remedies. I use hemp oil for body pain and it’s a lot more effective than popular painkillers. It gets to work pretty quick too.

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