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A scardy-cat’s guide to making lye based soap

I like making my own skin care products at home. I feel more confident using them as I know exactly what goes in them and there’s also a feel good factor as I only use natural ingredients. Soap making with lye is something I haven’t done, yet. I’ve read so many scary posts online about how if you’re not careful it can burn you’re skin and all sorts.

Naturally after reading all that I opted for the easy option, making glycerine based soap, which to be honest isn’t the better soap. Reading a post by The Nerdy Farm Wife has shown me that maybe lye is to be feared to an extent. She says how a great deal of care needs to be taken when handling lye but that the outcome is worth it. So after hearing a fellow scardy-cat’s experience I think I’ll try it, some time soon, with someone’s help lol.

To read about The Nerdy Farm Wife’s experience and her trial and tested method then read her article, ‘Soap making 101 – making cold process soap’.


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