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Tuna Toss Salad: The Most Easiest Salad You Will Ever Make

As the title says this Tuna Toss Salad is the most easiest salad you will ever make! There is no chopping, no pre-treatment or anything else in the least bit laborious.

I’ve named it the Tuna Toss Salad because you literally just toss the ingredients on a plate and voila!
I make this salad when I’m too tired to make anything time consuming, complicating or anything that requires effort. As it’s a leafy salad it will not slow you down but adding tuna to it makes it surprisingly filling. (So it’s pretty much perfect to eat at work)

The salad is packed full of healthy ingredients. The greens will give you detoxing kick. The seeds will promote healthy hair and skin and lower depression (to find out more about healthy seeds visit Body Unburdened). The tuna in your salad is not only filling but can also help prevent cancer, lift your mood and contribute towards improving your eye and cardiovascular health (visit Health Diaries for more benefits of Tuna).

– handful of Spinach
– handful of Rocket
– 1 or 2 Lettuce leaves torn into strips (I find doing this makes it easier to eat but you can leave them whole)
– 1 tin of Tuna fish in water
– tablespoon of Olive oil
– juice of 1/4 Lemon
– 1 teaspoon Dark Soy sauce (you don’t need to add this at all, I just love soy sauce)
– 1/2 teaspoon Pine nuts
– 1 teaspoon Pumpkin seeds
– 1 teaspoon Sunflower seeds
– 2 teaspoon Hemp seeds (1 teaspoon is enough but I put 2 because I like a bit of crunch)
– salt and pepper (it’s up to you how much to use, I didn’t add any as I ran out of pepper and do not have any healthy sea salt)

1. Wash your leaves and drain the water in the tuna.
2. TOSS/ throw/ sprinkle/ drizzle all the ingredients on a plate or in a bowl.
3. Eat.

It’s that simple


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