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Empowered Sustenance: “Electropollution: The 21st Century Catastrophe”

You’re surrounded by electropollution. …Be (reasonably) afraid. But don’t panic. As if there aren’t enough things in this world to provoke your paranoia instincts, here is another! But in all … Continue reading

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Tafline Laylin: “Can there be more Masdar eco-cities in the Middle East?”

Can there be more Masdars? Can this experimental eco-city be replicated in other Middle Eastern or North African countries that don’t have Abu Dhabi’s immense oil wealth? Green Prophet put this question to Anthony … Continue reading

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Nature’s Nurture: “Homemade Natural Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol-Free)”

I think it’s safe to say that many of us have become addicted to hand sanitisers and rightly so, as we’re all out and about and cannot stay cooped up … Continue reading

January 23, 2014 · 1 Comment

Safflower and Shea Cream: Perfect winter pick-me-up for your skin

My skin is loving this Safflower and Shea Cream which I made using Back to the Ranch‘s recipe. It leaves skin feeling silky and despite being made of oils, your … Continue reading

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Tuna Toss Salad: The Most Easiest Salad You Will Ever Make

As the title says this Tuna Toss Salad is the most easiest salad you will ever make! There is no chopping, no pre-treatment or anything else in the least bit … Continue reading

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Reinventing the Beetroot

I like a bit of beetroot in my salad but that can’t be the only use for a colourful vegetable such as beetroot? I came across this awesome article by … Continue reading

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Anya Vien: ‘Why the Amish don’t get sick: things you can learn from them’

To find out what the Amish are doing then read the full article on LA Healthy Living.

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A scardy-cat’s guide to making lye based soap

I like making my own skin care products at home. I feel more confident using them as I know exactly what goes in them and there’s also a feel good … Continue reading

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