The Strange Two

glad tidings to the strangers

Book Club

The Arab Awakening – Tariq Ramadan

The autobiography of Malcolm X (with the assistance of Alex Haley)

Banking: the root cause of injustices of our time – edited by Abdalhalim Orr & Abdassamad Clarke

The Crusades Through Arab Eyes – Amin Maalouf

Freedom Next Time – John Pilger

From Rushdie to 7/7 – Anthony McRoy

The Ideal Muslim Society – Dr Muhammad Ali Al-Hashimi

Islam: a short history – Karen Armstrong

Lost History: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Scientists, Thinkers, and Artists – Michael Hamilton Morgan

Media Control – Noam Chomsky

The Messenger – Tariq Ramadan

Muamalaat: The Alternative to the RIBA system exists’ – Umar Vadillo

The Pious Caliphs – Majid Ali Khan

Public Duties in Islam – Ibn Taymiyya

War Games – Linda Polman

What Islam Did For Us: Understanding Islam’s Contribution to Western Civilisation – Tim Wallace Murphy


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